Price list

The currency of the site is virtual cones

Virtual Cone is the currency of this site. Payment for the services provided by Meža birža is made with these Virtual Cones.

The price of one Virtual Cone is EUR 1.00 + value added tax of 21%;


Auction posting fee:

a) 25 Virtual Cones (30 EUR, including VAT) if you place the auction on the website yourself;

b) 100 Virtual Cones (121 EUR, including VAT) if you want us to create the auction on the website for you. 

Bidding fee: fellings

  • Participation in the auction is free. The bidding fee is paid by the auction winner, depending on the auction sale price.

  • The commission fee for the auction winner is 2% of the auction bid value. This amount is not included in the final auction price.

  • The minimum commission is 200 euros, while the maximum is 2000 euros plus VAT.


Important: In order to be able to make a bid, the amount of cones in the user's inventory must correspond to the commission fee of the relevant auction, according to the price list.

For the winner of the auction, the commission is automatically deducted from the cones in the user's account according to the price list, or in the case of an agreement, a post-paid invoice is issued according to the Price List.

You can always see the balance of your cone account in the My Account - Payments section.